Are you a last minute holiday shopper?

By Catherine Walsh, senior vice president and general manager for Retail and Consumer Goods

The holiday shopping season is once again upon us. Thanksgiving is next week; Black Friday looms a mere 10 days out. And most of us feel a tinge of worry—unless you’re the over-achieving type who has not only bought all gifts, but wrapped them.

Would you rather have a root canal than deal with customer service at a retailer during the holidays?

Tell us “yes” or “no” and answer a few other quick questions about your holiday shopping habits in our 2016 holiday shopping survey!

Every shopper has a plan for how to handle Black Friday, but do retailers? Sure, they’ve got the goods. But are they delivering a good customer experience? Long lines in the stores and on the phone lines are commonplace complaints among consumers.

Not to mention, the real fun begins after the gifts have been unwrapped. Does anything make your head spin more than the thought of trying to decipher return policies or waiting in line at the customer service desk? We won’t know unless you take the 2016 Xerox Holiday Shopping Survey.

The holiday shopping season is indeed upon us, for better or worse.


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