Opioid Overdose: Looking for the Signs

By |Aug 16, 2017|

Medicaid members are prescribed opioids twice as often as other patients – and are six times more likely to overdose. That’s a startling statistic at the heart of the nation’s opioid crisis, which President Trump recently declared as a national emergency. Data analysis can help identify at-risk patients and point to solutions.

The Missing Ingredient to Building Healthy Communities

By |Jun 1, 2017|

@ConduentHealth executive calls for widespread implementation of community health records as a crucial stepin producing better health outcomes.

The Evolving Role of Digitization in Health Care

By |Apr 28, 2017|


The digital world has transformed our personal lives in ways that no longer seem remarkable. We turn on our smartphones and expect instant access to calls,

Analytics: your partner in care

By |Feb 22, 2017|

Patients, payers and providers all share the goals of better care and lower costs. How can analytics help them achieve those goals?

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    Getting the most out of your EHR implementation and adoption

Getting the most out of your EHR implementation and adoption

By |Feb 21, 2017|

Healthcare organizations invest a lot of time and money in their electronic health records (EHRs). How can they reap the benefits of their technology?