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Sharing the City to Achieve Livability

Sep 5, 2017|Transportation|

For city managers, mayors and other elected officials, it is obvious that automotive congestion reduction is an important goal. But too often not asked: Why and to what end?

Is Your Open Payment System PCI Certified?

Sep 1, 2017|Transportation|

Questions abound when choosing an open payment system for a public transit organization. So where do you start?

How Open Payment Systems Function in Public Transit

Aug 31, 2017|Transportation|

What do you need to know about how open payment systems operate? A lot, it turns out, because these systems do much more than just manage rider payments and accounts.

Building a Better Banking Experience

Aug 24, 2017|Banking|

Many banks have done a good job integrating technology for customers on the front end – with attractive, intuitive online portals, ever-more capable mobile apps, and friendly interactive voice prompts for positive call-in experiences. As a result, customers have developed an assumption and expectation that operations are interconnected. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.

Opioid Overdose: Looking for the Signs

Aug 16, 2017|Healthcare solutions|

Medicaid members are prescribed opioids twice as often as other patients – and are six times more likely to overdose. That’s a startling statistic at the heart of the nation’s opioid crisis, which President Trump recently declared as a national emergency. Data analysis can help identify at-risk patients and point to solutions.