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Payday, Redefined

Apr 12, 2017|Digital Payments|

Did you know that more than a quarter of U.S. households either do not have a bank account or are under-served by traditional financial institutions? It’s true – and it’s giving rise to a new trend in personal finance: The use of pre-paid payroll cards.

Future Learning Begins Today

Apr 11, 2017|Learning Services|

Are you preparing to support learning and development of the workforce of the future? If so, you need to be fleet of foot to create the most up-to-date experience. How to structure your program from @pantonelli of @Conduent.

Curating a Learning Organization

Apr 4, 2017|learning services|

By Gina Ann Richter, Learning Experience Strategist and Senior Consultant, Conduent

We live in a world of information overload. The data points are staggering. Recent estimates suggest

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    Automotive “Internet of Things” Solution Drives Results in Customer Care

Automotive “Internet of Things” Solution Drives Results in Cust...

Apr 3, 2017|customer care|

We’re all familiar with the traditional model of customer care. You have a product and something goes wrong. You pick up the phone and call the company that made the product. What if it worked the other way around? What if the company called you before you even realized something needed fixing? The Customer Care team at Conduent has been recognized for facilitating such a system for one our customers.

Back to the Future In Mobile Technology

Mar 24, 2017|Communications and Media|

What’s old is new again in telecommunications. Would you believe: a mobile phone that…just makes phone calls and allows text messaging? What it means for the changing mobile phone industry, from @Conduent.