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Opioid Overdose: Looking for the Signs

Aug 16, 2017|Healthcare solutions|

Medicaid members are prescribed opioids twice as often as other patients – and are six times more likely to overdose. That’s a startling statistic at the heart of the nation’s opioid crisis, which President Trump recently declared as a national emergency. Data analysis can help identify at-risk patients and point to solutions.

Be Prepared. Be Cyber Strong.

Aug 9, 2017|Workers' Compensation|

Protecting your business from ransomware requires a strong defensive strategy. It calls for a coordinated and comprehensive plan, including a robust patch management program, verified data backup control, and ongoing security awareness training for employees.

Are Open Payment Systems Created Equal? And Should They Be?

Jul 18, 2017|Transportation|

Cities interested in an open payment system like the sound of a one-size-fits-all system. Riders also appreciate the open payment system that lets everyone use the payment method of their choice. But does this mean that open payment systems are created equal?

How Prepaid Payroll Works for Government

Jun 28, 2017|Digital Payments|

Delivering innovation in payment systems isn’t reserved for private industry. Public sector/government agencies also can use prepaid payroll. Daniel Rose of @Conduent explains.

Corporations Can Use Prepaid Cards, Too

Jun 22, 2017|Digital Payments|

Prepaid cards aren’t just for payroll. Companies can enjoy the same benefits and convenience by using prepaid cards for corporate payments. Wendy Humphrey of @Conduent explains.