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Corporations Can Use Prepaid Cards, Too

Jun 22, 2017|Digital Payments|

Prepaid cards aren’t just for payroll. Companies can enjoy the same benefits and convenience by using prepaid cards for corporate payments. Wendy Humphrey of @Conduent explains.

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    Prepaid Payroll Cards and Compliance – Getting the Balance Right

Prepaid Payroll Cards and Compliance – Getting the Balance Right

Jun 14, 2017|Digital Payments|

Payroll by prepaid card is an emerging trend. Wendy Humphrey of @Conduent talks about the compliance challenges for prepaid card providers.

How Data Will Shape the Future of Public Transportation

Jun 13, 2017|Transportation|

Municipal planners have a huge opportunity to recreate the public transit experience.. The key: Big data. By analyzing usage patterns, planners can learn more about what commuters want and need, and design their systems accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Expectations

Jun 6, 2017|Customer Experience|

Artificial Intelligence has long been considered an “up-and-coming” technology that would amaze, delight and surprise customers. But AI capabilities have become more than an add-on – they are fundamental to customer retention. Ginnette Baker of @Conduent explains.

The Missing Ingredient to Building Healthy Communities

Jun 1, 2017|Healthcare, Healthcare solutions|

@ConduentHealth executive calls for widespread implementation of community health records as a crucial stepin producing better health outcomes.